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Our Mission

We're passionate about music, and about the vision that goes into every song or musical piece.

Our studios were always designed to help realise the dreams and aspirations of regionally-based musicians make professional music, that gives them the edge.

Supporting this passion to make amazing music, and capture the perfect performance, is our video production department, who can shoot and create award-winning music videos for your music.

We offer the complete music production and sound design package all under the one roof.

Our team



Shayne began making music, recording sounds, producing voice-overs and creating movie films from the age of 13.

He has had a passion for music and sound design all his life and has worked with numerous artists over the years including Gina Jefferies, Lyn Bowtell, Keith Urban, and Jimmy Barnes,

He has written and produced loads of jingles for clients all over Australia, including themes for TV shows and produced the number 1 country album, "Hearts In The Country".

Shayne loves animals, (there are 2 studio dogs to keep you company) comedy, and creating quality work. 


Member of the Australian Film Directors Guild

Cert III In Visual Arts

Graduate of Darling Downs School Of Radio

Diploma Of Cinematography

Producer Of Number 1 Country Album

Multiple Award-Winning Writer/Director/Producer


Studio Manager

Joanna is one of the friendliest people on the planet, and her love of music has seen her perform in choirs and shows for most of her life.

She also enjoys organising things, getting buried in details to make sure productions always go seamlessly at every step of the production process.

She too loves animals, and can often be found editing audio with her Silky Terrier sitting on her lap.


Co-producer and writer of numerous TV commercial, radio commercials.

Production Manager for Glad Wrap TV Shoot and Sound Recordist for Yamba's Playtime-On The Road.

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