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We've collected some amazing pieces of gear over the last 25 years of recording, along with seasoned experience covering a wide range of genres.

OUR DESK - Tascam DM 4800 128 Channel Digital Desk with Flying Fader Automation

OUR MONITORS - MAIN - Adam A77   SMALL - Rockits | Yamaha NS10's

OUR RECORDING SOFTWARE - Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition

OUR RECORDING HARDWARE - For the lovers of analog, we have a Tascam BR-20T quarter-inch tape machine for mastering your mixes onto, allowing the warmth of analog tape to colour your music. 

We also have a wide array of plug-ins that will do a similar thing, but we know there are a few purists out there.

OUR OUTBOARD GEAR - Too many to mention, but some include Urei Compressors, SSL Mic Pre and Compressor,
TL Audio Tube Mic Pre's, AMEK Compressors, dbx Voice Processor, Lexicon Reverb, Symmetrix Voice Processor, 

Aphex Sonic Enhancer.

OUR PLUGINS - Again, way too many to list, but we have most of the Waves suites of plugins, Abbey Road EQ's, Pultec EQ's,  as well as specialised mastering tools including Ozone, Neutron, and SSL Strips.

OUR INSTRUMENTS - We have a full weighted midi keyboard, perfect for the piano player, numerous midi keyboards including a vintage Yamaha DX7, an acoustic and electric guitar, hand drums and other percussion instruments.

We also have the Komplete sound and processing libraries, offering some of the greatest instruments ever recorded, along with a number of other specialised libraries offering orchestral sounds, and guitar sounds.

OUR MICS - Vintage, valve, ribbon, through to modern classic mics....we have over 30 hand-selected mics on hand, including Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, SE, and Rode.

THE ROOMS - We have the main control room for recording and mixing, a large room for recording drums and ensembles as well as two isolation booths for vocals or other instruments.

We also have another larger room available separately for recording choirs or orchestras.

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