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Your Next Hit

Writing music, lyrics, and getting what you want to say out into your music can be time consuming.

Which is why it's important to use your time at home to get your ideas down first, before coming into a studio. It saves you time, and most importantly, money.

With todays technology, it's easier than ever to write and build your own backing tracks, and get the majority of the ideas down as midi recordings.

Once you are happy with your arrangements, come into the studios.

It's great to get a fresh set of ears to listen to your music, and perhaps offer other ideas to enhance your creation even further, crafting it into a 'hit' song.

You also get access to their incredible sample libraries.

For example, Studio89 has made some serious investments, and offers some of the worlds best sound libraries ready for use by artists recording at their studios.

You also benefit by gaining access to a studios quiet and sound treated rooms, and you can add extra live instruments to your song without the stress of a car going past and ruining your perfect guitar take.

Add to that, a studio's impressive array of mics, vocal processing equipment, and high end plug-ins that take your song to the next level.

So, if you are serious about your music, collaborating and working with a music recording professional in a studio environment will give you the edge you and your music needs to soar well above your contemporaries.

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